The Louvre

Family in town so we’re doing the right things. Today was the big museum with the pyramid and the lady from the DaVinci Code novel. She is there. I know because I’m tall and my camera is bigger than most.

She is there

This is some really athletic art appreciation, something like a rugby scrum. I know nothing about rugby but I imagine it takes strength, determination and some sharp elbows to work your way through the scrummy thing, which is exactly what’s needed to get to see the lady in question. But all I really need is to get close enough to get a picture, so I’ll always have the memory.


I used to think people took pictures of pictures to have the memory and avoid the gift shop, but here’s the thing: It’s not the art, it’s the experience. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Paris ☑Louvre ☑What’s her name ☑

Big Museum. Big Paintings

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get all snobby about this, wonder why people do it, and then blame Facebook. Not me. I live in the real world and I’d rather blame Facebook for much bigger crimes.

I see nothing wrong with people taking pictures of art. I’m glad they do it. Glad they support the museums with their tickets and glad the museums have wised up and allow it. I’m not sure what people take from the experience, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Shoot Pictures. Not People.

©2018 Ron Scherl

5 thoughts on “The Louvre”

  1. Wow. And it’s not even high tourist season yet.
    That one room is packed and other parts of the museum are empty.
    The Mona Lisa wasn’t even considered that interesting until some one stole it in 10/11.
    Today, art and our identities are stolen all the time, ah the fine age of the internet.

  2. Good one, Ron.

    Have you ever visited the sewer museum under the Quai d’Orsay? Fascinating. I’d love to see your photos of it.

    Just experienced a Pineapple Express which dumped 7″ of rain on us so I thinking water. All the best. John

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